Rick Allmendinger is a structural geologist who specializes in earthquake analysis at Cornell University – and he is also a visiting professor in the doctoral program at the Universidad Católica del Norte in Antofagasta, Chile. He warns that tonight’s massive 8.1 magnitude quake may not be all there is in store for the region.

Allmendinger says:

“The big question is – is this magnitude 8.1 earthquake the 'big one' that we have been expecting in northern Chile, or is this a foreshock to an even bigger earthquake to come?

“As big as an 8.1 is, it probably has not released all of the stored up energy on the subduction earthquake fault in northern Chile. For the sake of all of our friends in the region, we’re hoping that there isn’t a bigger one still to come!”

Media Note: A detailed analysis of the history of the region, and Rick's prediction of the size and location of tonight's quake, can be found here.

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