Newswise — CHICAGO: STOP THE BLEED® can save a life in any situation involving serious bleeding. Whether at home or out in public, knowing how to control bleeding can make a life-or-death difference when the need arises. To raise awareness about how people can learn the skills to stop serious bleeding, May 19 will observe the fifth annual National STOP THE BLEED® Day, which falls during the broader observance of National STOP THE BLEED® Month in May.  STOP THE BLEED® has expanded from local communities in the U.S. to international efforts, including a growing presence to help the people of war-torn Ukraine.

Throughout the month of May and on May 19, the American College of Surgeons (ACS) STOP THE BLEED® program will boost efforts to get the public trained, engage with STOP THE BLEED® instructors to help spread the word, and share success stories and other STOP THE BLEED® news on the ACS STOP THE BLEED® social media channels. Be sure to follow ACS STOP THE BLEED® on Twitter and Facebook to stay informed.

“Every day, we are showing how STOP THE BLEED® can save lives across the globe. From Chicago to Ukraine, anyone who is equipped with this knowledge can jump into action when needed. During National STOP THE BLEED® Month, we hope more people will join us and learn how to control bleeding," said ACS Executive Director Patricia L. Turner, MD, MBA, FACS.

STOP THE BLEED® is growing

More than 1.9 million people have already learned the essentials to control bleeding through in person courses, online sessions, and the STOP THE BLEED® interactive course. The ACS is working to increase these numbers significantly during STOP THE BLEED month with increased outreach and more training sessions across the country.  

“Take time on National STOP THE BLEED® Day to equip yourself with these lifesaving skills,” said Kenji Inaba MD, FACS, FRCSC, who was recently named Chair of the ACS STOP THE BLEED Steering Committee. “Uncontrolled bleeding is the number one cause of preventable death from trauma. In a bleeding emergency, seconds count. You never know when this knowledge may come in handy. You could save a life.”

A new online interactive course gives participants the knowledge they need to complete the lecture portion of the course. Participants must complete the skills portion of the training prior to receiving their certificate of completion.

In addition to new training opportunities, more people are now able to become STOP THE BLEED® course instructors. Now, non-medical professionals are eligible to become a STOP THE BLEED® instructor and share this vital information with their communities.

STOP THE BLEED® efforts for Ukraine

STOP THE BLEED® has taken on a particular importance recently since the start of the war in Ukraine. The ACS is supporting education efforts to ensure citizens of Ukraine know the basics of STOP THE BLEED® so that they can implement these lifesaving techniques when needed.

Roxolana Horbowyj, MD, FACS, is conducting frequent online courses via Zoom in Ukrainian to educate people on the ground. Additionally, actors who play physicians from “New Amsterdam” (NBC/Universal) and “Good Sam” (CBS) promoted STOP THE BLEED® in a PSA, featuring Ukrainian subtitles, to bring this important information to the people of Ukraine.

STOP THE BLEED® expands programs at the city level

It’s not just individuals who are equipping themselves with the knowledge and materials to control bleeding, cities and states around the U.S. are becoming more prepared to STOP THE BLEED®. In early March, the City of Chicago announced, as part of their Safe Chicago initiative, the installation of more than 550 STOP THE BLEED® kits around the city along with new training opportunities for municipal employees and the public. Initiatives such as this will help provide city-wide access to these skills and materials so that a life can be saved in a bleeding emergency.

“Our partnership with the City of Chicago is a model for other communities,” Dr. Turner said. “We want to expand these efforts in cities and towns across the country so that these life-saving kits are easily accessible in more public places.”  

Whether at the state, local, or individual level, National STOP THE BLEED® Day provides an opportunity to expand the reach of this program. Uncontrolled bleeding is the number one cause of preventable death after injury, and a person can die in as little as five minutes if bleeding is not controlled.

STOP THE BLEED® was launched in October of 2015 by the White House, with a call to action to make our nation more resilient and to begin training more people to become immediate responders during a bleeding emergency until professional help arrives. The ACS STOP THE BLEED® program is operated under a licensing agreement granted by the Department of Defense.

Learn more on the STOP THE BLEED® website.

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