Newswise — ROCHESTER, Minn. – A new Mayo Clinic book ─ Mayo Clinic: The Integrative Guide to Good Health – is now available. This book highlights the importance of mental and spiritual wellness when maintaining an individual’s overall health.

Mayo Clinic’s Brent Bauer, M.D., professor of General Internal Medicine; Cindy Kermott, M.D., assistant professor of Preventive Medicine; and Martha Millman, M.D., emeritus assistant professor of Preventive Medicine wrote the book, which addresses all aspects of health, including mind, body and spirit. These experts in integrative and preventive medicine explain what works when treating common ailments, including headaches, allergies and sprains. They also discuss what complementary techniques, such as aromatherapy, acupuncture and reflexology, can enhance conventional medicine.

“Considering that many healthy people are engaging in integrative practices, it isn’t surprising to find out that they’re returning to these treatments in terms of illness, as well,” says Dr. Bauer, research chair, Mayo Clinic Integrative Medicine and Health.

The ailments covered in Mayo Clinic: The Integrative Guide to Good Health list when medical attention may or may not be necessary. Also, the authors detail how to apply dozens of therapies, such as progressive muscle relaxation, Pilates and guided imagery.

“Integrative medicine is used to help people cope with medical conditions in many facets,” says Dr. Bauer. “Meditation can help manage the anxiety and discomfort of medical procedures. Massage has been shown to improve recovery rates after heart surgery. And gentle tai chi or yoga can assist the transition back to an active life after illness or surgery.”

Mayo Clinic: The Integrative Guide to Good Health covers home solutions to help manage common issues, such as high blood pressure, osteoporosis, hives and stress. Steps for administering first aid in home emergencies, such as bleeding, choking and heart attack, also are listed.

Published by Oxmoor House, a division of Time Inc. Books, Mayo Clinic: The Integrative Guide to Good Health ($26.99, ISBN: 9780-0-8487-5218-7) is available online and in retail outlets nationwide. Mayo Clinic’s proceeds from the book will support medical education and research at Mayo Clinic.


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