, an informational website devoted to helping patients cope with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) is launching “MCI Helper”, a supplementary monthly e-newsletter, says Leslie Norins, MD, PhD, CEO.  It will provide succinct actionable information to those coping with MCI—which is often the condition which precedes the onset of more serious cognitive deficits, such as Alzheimer’s disease. 

The new newsletter will primarily be distributed on request via Facebook and LinkedIn, but is also available via free signup   It will also be sent without charge to the thousands already signed up to receive communications from Much of the content will be derived from news and advice on the parent website. 

To cover all pertinent new topics, there are strict limits on the lengths of synopsized articles.  Readers desiring more information can consult the original articles on  

Dr. Norins says, “We have had many requests for condensed ‘nuggets’ of the helpful information we provide.  We understand that some of our followers have busy schedules and need summaries.” 

He adds, “Let’s remember there is no magic bullet or single drug yet to cure MCI.  Therefore, the activist patient and family can assemble their personalized menu from the many items and tactics we gather from medical journals to possibly help.  Of course, always check with your own doctor first.” 

MCI911, LLC, is an independent information group focusing on fighting back against MCI, and is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, any other organization.  It is self-funded, and does not solicit or accept donations.  Its sister group is Alzheimer's Germ Quest, which encourages deeper investigation of the role of microbes in causing Alzheimer’s disease.