Expert in ancient coins available to discuss trove of Roman coins discovered in Spain

Newswise — HAMILTON, April 29, 2016 – A McMaster expert in ancient coins is available to discuss the trove of coins discovered by workers in Spain.

“This is a discovery of tremendous importance,” says Pope, an associate professor of Classics, whose specialties include early coins.

“The find is impressive for its sheer size: the hoard might contain over 100,000 coins, depending upon the denomination (size and weight) and their material (bronze or silver). Just as exciting, the hoard reveals information on the Roman economy. Most of the coins were relatively new with little signs of wear, so they date to roughly the same period, the late third and early fourth century AD, during the reigns of Emperors Maximian and Constantine.

Contained in a number of amphoras, it is likely that the coins were shipped to Spain as a group and were intended as a large payment: such a large transfer was most likely to the army. The amphoras were buried with the intent to return to them later, perhaps to distribute to soldiers. Unfortunately for them, the coins never met their intended destination, but that is fortunate for us as they add insight to the Roman world.”

To arrange an interview with Spencer Pope, please contact him by email at [email protected] or by cell phone at 289-946-1693.

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