A Georgia State University expert is available to discuss the measles outbreak in the United States.

Dr. Gerardo Chowell, associate professor of epidemiology and biostatistics in the School of Public Health, can discuss the following:

1. Why is the measles outbreak ongoing? (Why does the disease continue to spread?)2. Why is this outbreak occurring?3. How quickly can the measles spread?4. What is the epidemiology of the disease (natural course of the disease in humans)?5. What is the importance of vaccinating children to maintain herd immunity in the population?6. How does the measles virus compare to Ebola virus?7. What is the risk for infants who are too young to be immunized?

For more information about Dr. Chowell's background, visit http://publichealth.gsu.edu/profile/gerardo-chowell/.

If you'd like to contact Dr. Chowell directly, please email him at [email protected].