Ochsner Health has medical experts on standby to discuss a “social media therapy” trend among teens, restoring a sense of control when feeling powerless, and Black Maternal Health Week. 

  • Is it dangerous for my teenager to turn to TikTok for medical advice? In the midst of a growing mental health crisis for teens, we’re seeing a real codependency on social media for medical advice among this age group. More and more teens are turning to social media platforms such as Tik Tok for medical advice and seeking “social media therapy” rather than talking with parents and healthcare providers when concerns arise. Angelia Spurgin, pediatric psychologist at Ochsner Health is available to comment on this alarming trend and provide useful advice for parents.  
  • Feeling powerless? Obstacles in life can test our strength and optimism. We can feel challenged, as if we have little control, making it hard to focus. During these times, we crave peace as we face what feels like the impossible, or at least the improbable. And for many of us, one of the biggest hurdles is simply getting out of our way. An Ochsner Health team shares five things to consider to help restore a sense of control in this Ochsner Health Blog.  
  • Black Maternal Health Week – April 11-17 Just this month, the CDC issued a report on the alarming rise of maternal mortality in the U.S., especially among Black pregnant women. This new report shows a 40% increase in maternal mortality in 2021 compared to 2020. Even more alarming is that the mortality rate for black women in America is 2.6 times higher than the rate for white women. National thought leader, Veronica Gillispie-Bell, continues to offer comments on the many social factors and barriers that could be contributing to this alarming trend and is available to interview on this important topic during Black Maternal Health Week.

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