Middle-East Peace, Civil War, and Post-Conflict Reconstruction Expert Available to Media

Newswise — Dr. Marie-Joelle Zahar is associate professor of Political Science and research director at the Francophone Research Network on Peace Operations at the Université de Montréal. She specializes in the study of civil wars and post-conflict reconstruction as well as in security issues with particular focus on the Middle East.

Media may also make free use of the following quote from Dr. Zahar:

“Much has been made of the so-called domino effect which was supposed to sweep through the Arab world following the ouster of Tunisia’s and Egypt’s authoritarian rulers. As the Libyan experience illustrates dramatically, demonstration effects do not always result in similar dynamics or outcomes. Though the entire Arab world suffers from a democracy deficit, the intensity of the deficit varies and the region’s authoritarian regimes will resort to diverse strategies to address popular demands. As things began to heat up in neighboring Bahrain, Saudi Arabia moved to restore a number of benefits to Saudi citizens. It also pledged to work to keep oil flows steady and prices under control. It would be dangerous and analytically faulty if the notion of a domino effect were to overshadow these nuances and conjure up images of impending regional chaos.”

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