Newswise — CLEVELANDNov. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- MIM Software Inc., a leading global provider of medical imaging software, announced today it has released a new version of its AI auto-contouring solution, Contour ProtégéAI Version 1.1.3.

Version 1.1.3 adds refinements to the Contour ProtégéAI algorithm, which is used at hundreds of clinics nationwide. One of the advantages of deep learning algorithms is their ability to improve the overall results with additional information in a refined dataset.

"Our team has made a great effort to focus this new release on direct feedback from our customers," said Jay Obman, Product Manager at MIM Software. "The quality improvements were completely driven by the requests we've received, and as a result, our users can take advantage of even greater time savings."

Contour ProtégéAI seamlessly integrates into any department's workflow and can be rapidly implemented into virtually any environment via local deployment. User feedback and a determination to continuously improve AI auto-contouring were key drivers in developing the product.

About MIM Software Inc.

MIM Software Inc. is a privately held company with a dynamic working environment. It is headquartered in Cleveland, OH, with international offices in Beijing, Chengdu, and Brussels.

MIM Software sells its products globally to imaging centers, hospitals, specialty clinics, research organizations, and pharmaceutical companies. The company's products are used in over 3,500 centers worldwide.

MIM Software Inc. is committed to enhancing patient care by providing customer-centered and innovative imaging solutions in the fields of Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Neuroimaging, Cardiac Imaging, and Radiation Oncology.

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