Newswise — McLean, Va. and Bedford Mass., October 30, 2019 – Demonstrating expertise across many domains including cybersecurity, health research, and defense, experts from MITRE are regularly published in leading journals. Invited to enter the company’s annual Best Paper Competition, this year’s winning submissions included:

  • Corporate pitfalls of offensive cyber warfare. In “Cyberwar Inc.,” a chapter from Bytes, Bombs, and Spies,” Irv Lachow and Taylor Grossman explore implications for companies that support “offensive cyber operations, including intelligence/reconnaissance, planning and mission support. Cyber contractors provide U.S. and other militaries access to rapidly evolving technologies and necessary human talent. At the same time, the use of such contractors has international ramifications.”

MITRE Best Paper Competition

MITRE’s Best Paper Competition commemorates the late Dr. Ronald Fante, a highly respected scientist, prolific author, and MITRE Fellow who consistently encouraged staff members to publish the results of their technical work. Entries must have been technical papers published either in a recognized, peer-reviewed journal or in an edited technical book to be considered for award.

“The individual expertise of MITRE’s staff runs deep across scientific and research domains and disciplines,” commented Jay J. Schnitzer, MD, PhD, chief technology officer at MITRE. “However, it is collaboration between MITRE staff and other leading institutions that really moves the knowledge needle. And when we realize such advances and innovation, we share a strong sense of obligation to share them with the world for the greater good – hence the Best Paper Competition.”

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