WHEN: Monday, August 31 – Sunday, September 13

WHAT: For the third year in a row, the Mount Sinai Health System is serving as the Official Medical Services Provider for the US Open. Experts from throughout the health system will be available on site at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center for interviews. Topics include:

Avoiding Blisters: How do world class athletes and the weekend warrior protect their feet against blisters and abrasions?Bryan Markinson, MD will be on site August 31.

Proper Match and Health Preparation: It’s important to stay healthy before, during, and after a match. What are some of the best steps to ensure success on and off the court?James Gladstone, MD will be on site August 31.

The Psychology of Tennis: How do you deal with the stresses of competition and keep your mental game sharp?Brian Iacoviello, PhD, will be on site September 1.

Tennis Injury Prevention: What are some basic steps you can take to keep yourself on the court, rather than the sidelines?Alexis Colvin, MD, will be on site September 2.

Preventing Heat Illness: Heat and dehydration can affect your game in a number of ways. How can players avoid some of the common issues caused by heat?Peter Shearer, MD, will be on site September 4.

Protecting Your Back: Back injuries can be a major concern whether you play professionally or just to stay fit. How can you avoid them, and what can you do if you suffer a back injury?Andrew Hecht, MD, will be on site September 4.

Additional topics for discussion include:

High Performance Diets: How do diets such as carb loading, protein packing, or gluten free help or hurt your athletic performance?Beth McDonald, MS, RDN, CSSD.

Aging with Grace, Strength, and Skill: How can you keep your athletic performance up over the years? Can you be fitter as you get older?Robert Gotlin, DO.

The Physiology of the Serve: How can you unlock your serve potential? How can you be a power hitter? Why do even the pros double fault?Alexis Colvin, MD.

Kinesiology Tape: You’ve seen it on the calves, ankles, backs, and arms and shoulders of professional athletes. How does this colorful tape differ from braces and traditional athletic tape? Does it work?Robert Gotlin, DO.

Climate and the Major Tennis Tournaments: From Melbourne, to Paris, to London, and New York City, how do athletes deal with the various climates in terms of respiratory performance and allergy symptoms?Beth Corn, MD.

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