The December 2020 issue of the Society of Toxicology’s official journal, Toxicological Sciences, is now available and delivers cutting-edge toxicological research in endocrine toxicology, environmental toxicology, organ-specific toxicology, and more.

In addition to a Critical Review, “A Review of the Functional Roles of the Zebrafish Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptors,” Volume 178, Issue 2, features two ToxPoint articles:

Also published in the December issue is a ToxPoint article on “Using Multiomics to Bridge the Gap between Electronic Cigarette Research and Disease Etiology.” Readers are encouraged to use the comment feature on this and other ToxPoint articles to join the conversation around these pieces, the purpose of which is to offer “a platform for making a point regarding an opinion, pointing out the significance of recent literature, pointing the way toward new approaches/technologies, or describing the tipping point of controversial subject matter.”

This and other leading research in toxicology, including on emerging technologies, models, and methods, is available in the December 2020 issue of ToxSci.

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