Newswise — As Twitter faces an employee exodus, professor of human resource studies Rebecca Kehoe is available for interviews on how the recent chaos is an example for other companies on how not to treat workers.

Kehoe says:

"With predictions of a looming recession, we are likely to see more companies facing difficult workforce decisions in the coming months. The recent chain of events at Twitter is a case study for other companies in how not to treat employees in a company’s difficult times. It’s not surprising to see a mass exodus of employees who have seen their colleagues and leaders abruptly laid off and who have been given an ultimatum where the alternative to leaving requires committing themselves to grueling working conditions in service of a CEO who has signaled no regard for their wellbeing or worth.

"Building employee commitment to a company’s values requires trust, mutual investment, and time. Elon Musk has offered Twitter’s employees none of these, and the employee response is clear."

Cornell University has dedicated television and audio studios available for media interviews. 

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