NE Ohio Astronomy Professor & Observatory Director Available to Debunk December 21 Doomsday #Mayancalendar

Article ID: 596711

Released: 30-Nov-2012 12:00 PM EST

Source Newsroom: Baldwin Wallace University

Expert Pitch

Mayan Calendar, End-of-the-World Myth Busting by Baldwin Wallace University astronomy professor and Burrell Memorial Observatory director Gary Kader. Gary is available to address the following topics:

The end of Baktun 13 on the Mayan calendar

The planetary alignment, or lack there of

The Sun aligning with center of the Galaxy (This is true!)

The flipping of the Earth's polar rotation. (Actually, the magnetic field flips at random intervals ranging from less than 0.1 million years to as much as 50 million years)

Collisions with a rogue planet Nibiru (Not going to happen, because it doesn't exist)

The possibility of an asteroid sneaking up on us

The Apophis asteroid near Earth collision in 2029Super nova explosions (Very very remote)

Solar flares and the 11 year sunspot cycle (An inconvenient truth, but not an extinction event)

For local media, visuals available inside the observatory. More on BW's Burrell Memorial Observatory


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