Newswise — The Neurosurgery Research & Education Foundation (NREF) is pleased to announce a new fellowship. The Joint Cerebrovascular Section Traveling Fellowship will allow a practicing, CAST-certified neurointerventionalist (of any specialty) to visit a high-volume cerebrovascular center for a one-week observership.

The brainchild of AANS member, Adam S. Arthur, MD, MPH, FAANS, of Semmes-Murphey Clinic in Memphis, Tenn., this valuable fellowship will help facilitate the spread of information from experienced centers and operators to those with less experience. According to Dr. Arthur, “This type of observership, while once common, has become more difficult to arrange in the press of modern practice. However, the rapid evolution of the field and the increase in the number of cerebrovascular centers has created a need for this program.”

The Joint Cerebrovascular Section Traveling Fellowship has received enthusiastic support from the corporate community to provide the funds for two fellowships in 2018 and the monies for future awards. “The NREF is grateful to Medtronic and MicroVention who continue to step up to support the NREF in its mission to ensure that tomorrow’s leaders in medicine receive cutting-edge experience to expand their knowledge and ultimately improve patient care,” stated Regis W. Haid, MD, FAANS, NREF Chair.

Applicants must be fellowship-trained cerebrovascular/endovascular specialists, board certified in his/her specialty and hold a CAST certificate in neuroendovascular surgery or are able to demonstrate significant open cerebrovascular experience and practice, who have practiced independently for at least five (5) years and are dues-paying members in good standing of the AANS/CNS Joint Cerebrovascular Section or the Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery (SNIS).

Any practice that demonstrates significant volumes and outcomes in the area where the applicant is seeking experience can serve as a host organization, and consideration will be given if the fellowship training program is CAST approved.

The first two traveling fellowships will be awarded at the 2018 AANS/CNS Cerebrovascular Section Annual Meeting in February 2018.

To apply or for more information about the CV Traveling Fellowship, visit the NREF website at

For more information about the NREF or other grant programs, please contact Cathy Powers at (847) 378-0540 or [email protected].


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