The DE02 embedded barcode scanner from Diamond Technologies is ultimate in compact form factors for OEM embedded decoded barcode scan modules. At only 22.61L x 24 W x 14.61 H mm the DE02 is the perfect solution for any limited space applications, such as hand held medical devices, or small form factory machines. The DE02 sports a powerful CMOS 640 x 480 pixel sensor capable of 30 frames per second.

As a 2D reader the scanner can accommodate 360 degree code rotation and can easily read at pitch and skew angles of 45 degrees. The barcode scan module is capable of reading all 1D and 2D codes including high resolution codes that are often found on microtiter plates, test tubes, and other lab sample carriers. In sum, DE02 represents an extraordinary combination of both reading performance and value.


  • Extremely compact
  • White light illumination and red dot aimer
  • Excellent Value/Performance
  • Excellent reading of all 1D/2D codes on print or codes displayed on mobile devices/Computer screens.
  • Low power 3.3-5.0V
  • Beeper out, trigger button, HW trigger.

The DE02 has a wide viewing angle which facilitates close range reading on long barcodes. The unit also includes a bright white light illumination and red dot aimer which simplifies alignment and engineering integration. The DE02 embedded scan module supports both UART, USB, and RS232 communications. The reader can also be powered with a wide power range further simplifying integration.

The DE02 is perfectly suited for OEM applications and specifically designed for embedded barcode requirements in:

  • Medical devices
  • Lab Automation systems
  • Kiosks
  • Vending Machines
  • Bedside point of care devices
  • Lottery Machines
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