Diamond Technologies is proud to announce the release of the DE05 embedded scan module. The DE05 is the newest addition to our embedded scan module offering allowing us to better serve our customers and broadening our problem solving capabilities. The Diamond Technologies DE05 is an ultra compact embedded 1D/2D image based barcode scan module designed for integration into OEM equipment including lab instrumentation, medical devices, kiosks, automated machines, and customer facing applications. This compact, reliable, embedded barcode scanner provides image based reading of all standard 1D and 2D barcodes.


  • High visibility Laser or LED aiming options
  • Support for a range of optics including wide angle
  • USB, RS232 or UART interface
  • High motion tolerance with global shutter / 60FPS
  • Audible on board beeper
  • Extended power range for RS232 and UART models
  • Extensive programmatic command set 

The DE05 embedded barcode reader, depending on model, includes bright red illumination LED, several options for aiming patterns, and varying optics. Optics include standard range, high density, wide angle, and extended range. The DE05 embedded barcode module includes patented, highly accurate, decode software libraries. The embedded reader’s decoded output is provided to the host system through either USB, RS232, or UART interface depending on model.

The DE05 utilizes an easy to use DF13 host connector making connections easy and cost effective. The embedded scanner supports an extensive programmatic command set allowing the DE05 to meet even the most challenging application requirements. The DE05’s hardware and software have been designed to reduce engineering time and allow the user to easily integrate the embedded scanner into a host system.

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