Newswise — DOVER, Del., July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- In what some industry insiders are calling "the most exciting news in the HVAC world in decades," Molecule USA, Inc. announced today that their new desiccant material, Regeneration Optimized Sorbent, (a.k.a. ROS) outperformed silica rotors by up to 350% in benchmark testing. The Company believes the non-toxic material can improve desiccant dehumidifier performance in critical environments, reduce urban and manufacturing sector emissions, and make all-weather atmospheric water generation (AWG) to fight global water stress a reality, for the first time in history.

Molecule's Regeneration Optimized Sorbent Desiccant Performance Crushes Industry-Standard Material by up to 350%.

"We believe that ROS will make pure water available almost anywhere on earth, and could revolutionize product-safety and quality-control for industries like Lithium Ion battery manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and others where critical air handling performance can make or break a successful product," said Kurt Francis, Molecule's Chief Technology Officer. "We're gearing up for even more aggressive testing for specific industry applications, and see how our forthcoming All-Weather AWGs can help water-stressed cities around the world."

ROS key features over the current state-of-the art sorbents:

  1. Greater water vapor sorption capacity.
  2. Better low-humidity performance.
  3. Superior energetics.
  4. MSDS Non-Toxic.
  5. Approachable price-point.
  6. Commercial-scale production ready.

The testing successfully validated the modeling projections and laboratory experiments, opening the next stage towards commercialization, slated for mid-2022. The Company has now received multiple inquiries for joint-venture opportunities, product distribution rights, orders for prototype ROS rotors and All-Weather AWG's as a result of this testing and its continued rapid progress towards commercialization.

Test Highlights:

 "ROS is dramatically superior to [the two silica rotors] in capacity per unit time loading test:"

  1. +350% vs. Rotor A @ 75°F 20% RH.
  2. +205% vs. Rotor B @ 75°F 20% RH.
  3. +278% vs. Rotor A @ 75°F 40% RH.
  4. +150% vs. Rotor A @ 80°F 60% RH.

"ROS has superior performance to [the two silica rotors] under reduced regeneration temperature unloading tests:"

  1. +278% vs. Rotor A @ 140°F.
  2. +240% vs. Rotor A @ 124°F.
  3. +223% vs. Rotor A @ 96°F.

About Molecule USA, Inc.
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