Signal InfluenceExecutive Research & Communications, Inc., (SIERC), Canada, and Queen’s University Belfast’s Centre for Economic History announced today the creation of the Long RunInitiative, (LRI) a new, not-for-profit global forum bringing together academic experts,business leaders and public policy makers to provide context and deepen understandingfrom history of the grand challenges facing business and government.

LRI analysis focuses on connecting where we have been to where we are now, and wherewe are going on a range of specific issues. We believe that by understanding the past wecan better appreciate the forces that have created the present and how they will shape thetrajectory of future business, economies and societies.

The LRI connects academic experts with business andpolicy decision makers to uncover how long-run forcesconnect to present and future challengesfacing your organization.

Through the organisation of short, high-impact roundtable events, the LRI creates a dialogueto exchange knowledge and stimulate ideas, giving participants the opportunity to reflecton and discuss parallels from the past, and consider how these lessons apply to their ownorganisations. In May 2018, the LRI hosted its first event, at Queen’s University Belfast, on agrand challenge topic: information revolutions. Events are being planned in the UK, theUnited States and Canada in 2019 and 2020, with plans for expansion.


The Initiative is founded on three precepts:

  • To demonstrate the practical value of historical expertise to contemporary decisionmakers.
  • To create dialogue between academics, businesses and government.
  • To provide an independent and international perspective on the challenges facingbusiness and society.

The LRI brings together the capabilities of two organisations to create a unique set ofinterests and expertise.


The Long Run Initiative is led by its co-founders and directors: Prof. John Turner (UK), Dr.Laurence B. Mussio (Canada) and Dr. Michael Aldous (UK). Their combined experiences asacademics, senior consultants and advisors and historians led them to believe there was ahuge opportunity to bring together people who don’t normally have space or time tointeract with each other. They conceived the Initiative as a forum to build new connectionsand create a dialogue that encourages reflections on the long-run.

THE BOARD OF GOVERNORSThe LRI’s Board of Governors are drawn from the upper echelons of business, governmentand the academy in the North Atlantic World. The Board includes:

  • Sir Jonathan Stephen Day, CBE (former Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee,UK) (United Kingdom)
  • The Hon. Kevin Gordon Lynch, former Clerk of Her Majesty’s Privy Council for Canadaand Chairman of the Board of SNC Lavalin (Canada);
  • William Arthur Downe, CM, Immediate and Past Chief Executive Officer of Bank ofMontreal Financial Group (Canada);
  • Dr. Judy Stephenson, The David Richards Fellow in Economic History, WadhamCollege, Oxford (United Kingdom)
  • Dr. Geoffrey Jones, Isidor Straus Professor of Business History, Harvard University(USA)

Professor Turner remarked on Queen’s University Belfast’s role in LRI’s foundation anddevelopment: "Queen's University Belfast has been shaping a better world since its charterwas granted by Queen Victoria in 1845. The university's Centre for Economic History isrecognised as one of the leading centres in the world for the study of business andeconomic history.

"The LRI is the next step in its evolution as it seeks to shape a better worldby helping business and public-sector leaders understand the usefulness of the past to theirdecision making today."

SIERC Chief Executive Officer Dr. Mussio remarked that the LRI is a “both an exciting andpotentially important initiative. It’s exciting because this is among the first initiatives of itskind in the North Atlantic world. Our plans are to bring together some of the best scholars inthe field to discuss some of the practical grand challenges executives and governmentpolicy makers must deal with. It’s potentially important because our vision is to apply‘insight from hindsight’ so we can understand the challenges before us. SIERC is thereforedelighted to partner with Queen’s University Belfast in the LRI. We are in it for the long run.”

Dr. Michael Aldous explains that “examining historical roots provides rich context, andunderstanding of patterns and trends. It is important to connect historians, policymakers andcorporate executives, to facilitate evidence-led discussion on long-run trends to help makesense of critical contemporary challenges.”

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