Newswise — MAYWOOD, IL –  When Mike Marks learned he had an elevated level on a PSA prostate cancer screening test, he considered several other centers before choosing Loyola Medicine.

Mr. Marks was impressed with Loyola’s use of an advanced MRI technology to help detect prostate cancer. 

Loyola was the first center in Illinois to offer the new biopsy technique for patients who have high scores on PSA blood tests. The technique, called UroNav, fuses information from a prostate MRI to ultrasound images taken during the biopsy.

The technique results in higher cancer detection, more confidence that negative findings are accurate, fewer biopsies and more accurate biopsies, said Mr. Mark's physician, Loyola urologic oncologist Gopal Gupta, MD.

Dr. Gupta, who has advanced training in the technique at the National Cancer Institute, leads the program at Loyola. Mr. Marks’ MRI-ultrasound fusion biopsy pinpointed cancer in the right and left sides and core areas of his prostate.

After discussing various treatment options with Dr. Gupta, Mr. Marks decided to undergo robotic surgery to remove his prostate and lymph nodes. The robotic system includes robotic arms that are equipped with small video cameras and miniaturized surgical tools. The system allows the surgeon to visualize the surgical field in 3D for the best outcomes. Sitting at a console, the surgeon views a highly magnified image of the surgical site. Every maneuver of the robot is directed by the surgeon in real time. The robot makes no decisions on its own.

Mr. Marks said he and his family were reassured when they learned that Dr. Gupta has performed more than 400 robotic surgeries and is a national expert in the field.

The minimally invasive robotic surgery results in less blood loss, shorter hospital stays and quicker recoveries. Mr. Marks went home the day after his surgery and experienced minimal pain.

At the first post-operative visit, Dr. Gupta reviewed the pathology results and confirmed the cancer was fully removed and Mr. Marks’ recovery was excellent.   “My experience at Loyola was outstanding,” Mr. Marks said.