Newswise — New Brunswick, N.J. (Feb. 26, 2020) – Rutgers University–New Brunswick researchers have created a software tool that more efficiently analyzes how asphalt performs, saving transportation agencies time and money.

As performance testing for asphalt pavement has evolved, the focus has shifted to complex data analysis while using simpler physical testing methods. That means technicians must do more complex math and calculus during testing, increasing the time it takes to perform a test as well as the potential for errors.

To alleviate their burden and meet developing needs, researchers at the Rutgers Asphalt and Pavement Lab and Rutgers Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation have developed the Rutgers Asphalt Analysis Tool Pack, or RAAT-Pack. The software tool can handle complex operations and tests that are required by many transportation agencies. The software can also perform batch analysis and analyses on several different asphalt performance tests, while other solutions can analyze just one testing procedure at a time.

The result is that data can be analyzed faster while minimizing operator error and leaving time for rigorous testing and quality control.

“As the asphalt industry evolves and uses more complex testing and analysis procedures for quality control and quality assurance, this software facilitates fast and reliable test results without the need to understand high-level mathematics that would be required otherwise,” said Edwin Haas, senior laboratory engineer and lead performance tester at the Rutgers Asphalt and Pavement Lab. “The RAAT-Pack was designed to be a simple, fast and an easily deployed solution for an increasingly complex industry to improve material quality while reducing cost due to time and errors.”

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