Newswise — Doctors and pharmacists share many things in common within their fields of work, and 97% of them agree that they should work together more closely for the overall benefit of the patient. Studies show that 80% of the public demand closer ties between these two branches of medicine. More than three-fourths of those questioned believe that pharmacists should collaborate with physicians over repeat prescriptions, particularly regarding those for chronic conditions.

As a global first, a new platform,, aims to bring together doctors and pharmacists to share their professional opinions and expertise, as well as stay abreast of the latest developments in the health sciences. In conjunction, experienced volunteer doctors and pharmacists, or the ‘Senior Doctor Services,’ will offer their vital expertise to colleagues in remote regions, such as islands, etc. Additionally, medical and pharmaceutical videos will be provided to help disseminate and augment health professionals’ scientific knowledge and views.

Online discussions amongst pharmacists and doctors also welcome the input of pharmaceutical companies. They would be seen as equal partners, whether presenting new pharmaceutical products or being directly engaged in debating common areas of concern.

This one-of-a-kind platform was created by Dr Dimitris Kamargiannis to set a new agenda for doctor-pharmacist collaboration.

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