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Newswise — Rockville, Md. (April 19, 2024)—Blocking a specific calcium channel called CM4620 may become a new way to treat the life-threatening inflammatory disease acute pancreatitis. While this therapy appears to be the first effective treatment for acute pancreatitis, it has yet to offer complete protection in animal models. To bring this new therapeutic one step closer to full protection, researchers studied the possibility of using the smallest effective dose of CM4620 alongside a sugar called galactose. The findings indicate the combination “significantly reduced the extent of necrosis,” meaning the death of nearly all cells and inflammation.

“Our data show that CM4620 can be used at much lower concentrations than reported previously, reducing potential side effects,” the researchers wrote.

Read the full article, “Combination of the CRAC channel inhibitor CM4620 and galactose as a potential therapy for acute pancreatitis,” published ahead of print in the journal Function. Contact APS Media Relations or call 301.634.7314 to schedule an interview with a member of the research team.

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