Newswise — In 2016 the team at Pharmozyme made a break through. Developing a proprietary platform, gene amplification enzymes were re-envisioned for the next generation of amplification and sequencing technologies. Taq Polymerase, a major player in biotechnology, was the first product to be produced in Pharmozyme’s new platform.

For decades researchers, scientists, and diagnostics professionals have lamented the level of background contamination in reagents and amplification enzymes. Costing millions in misdiagnosis and re-tests, background contamination often leads to false positives or inaccurate results in PCR based procedures. Often produced in an E.Coli host, PCR enzymes are almost always contaminated with bacterial background DNA. Tests have revealed that even the purest marketed “Low-DNA” enzyme carry significant background contamination… until now!

Pharmozyme is proud to introduce Crystal Taq Polymerase, a Taq polymerase absolutely free from animal and bacterial background DNA. Produced in a new host and purified with proprietary technology, extensive validation has shown the product to be the purest gene amplification enzyme available in the market.

Pharmozyme is committed to improving the lives of human beings through the development of novel, effective, and accessible solutions for the biotech community. Seeking new partnerships and collaboration, the team at Pharmozyme welcomes new ideas and relationships in the pursuit of creating better diagnostic kits and platforms. 

Crystal Taq Polymerase is offered both as a standalone enzyme as well as a variety of master mixes. For more information please visit