A group of New Mexico State University computer science professors and a Ph.D. student  have proposed a solution to make the FISA applications process more streamlined and transparent, allowing entities to audit the process at different time points.

Jay Misra, Roopa Vishwanathan and Gaurav Panwar had their paper proposing a cyber security solution to FISA oversight (leveraging blockchains) to the recent ACM Conference on Computer and Communication Security in London, considered a leading international forum for information security researchers, practitioners, developers and users to explore cutting-edge ideas.

“Our research paper investigates the difficulty of oversight in FISA cases and proposes a mechanism that not only provides anonymous auditing capability of the processes, but also a mechanism to demonstrate that the letter of the law was followed, without undermining law enforcement activities,” Misra said.

The paper is available athttps://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=3354219

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