​Newswise — The 36th annual Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (BCERC), co-sponsored by Nord University Business School and Nordland Research Institute, in Bodø, Norway, will be held at Nord University Business School on June 8-11, 2016.​

BCERC, widely considered the premier conference for entrepreneurship research, was established in 1981 to provide a dynamic venue where academics and real-world practitioners link theory and practice, and to encourage and increase quality research in entrepreneurship. The 2016, BCERC Call for Papers received 639 abstracts from 43 countries. Of these, 305 researchers are attending the conference from 23 countries to present papers.

In addition to the conference, and hosted in conjunction with BCERC since 1985, Babson College will hold the 2016 BCERC Doctoral Consortium Program, co-sponsored by Nord University Business School, Nordland Research Institute, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, and The Society for the Advancement of Management Studies. The Doctoral Consortium provides doctoral students with the opportunity to gain insight into current research issues through intense interaction with consortium faculty, and seeks to encourage scholars and educators to become leaders in the field of entrepreneurship education. The Doctoral Consortium received 120 applications from 25 countries for 25 participants.

BCERC is pleased and honored to have co-sponsorship from Nord University Business School and Nordland Research Institute, and sponsorship from The Research Council of Norway and Nordland County Council. Nord University Business School offers a dynamic, modern learning environment for higher education and research. Nord University has established collaborations with international partners in the High North and around the globe. Established joint degree programs and research projects with, among others, Russia, the Ukraine and Slovakia, built on strong educational networks. Nord University admits exchange students from partner institutions from around the world and supports a lively and diverse student community, at bachelor, master and doctoral levels. Nordland Research Institute conducts research on topics which are related to social science, entrepreneurship and the environment. Nordland Research Institute’s thematic scope is extensive and cross-sectional, and also participates in research and development projects in close co-operation with public and private clients. Nordland Research Institute participates in procurement and dissemination of knowledge and science.

The Research Council of Norway works to add value to the research system by funding and facilitating research projects. The Research Council seeks to promote an integrated R&D system that supplies high-quality research, develops knowledge for dealing with key challenges to society and the business sector, fosters dynamic interaction within the R&D system nationally and internationally, and creates a framework for learning, application and innovation. Nordland County Council is working to create a positive development throughout the county for the benefit of Nordland inhabitants. They are working to facilitate regional development through developing good communities, and contribute to the migration and recruitment to the county. One of Nordland County Council’s tasks is to facilitate research and development of society and institutions.

On Friday evening, June 10, at the Scandic Havet Hotel, Bodø, the Best Paper Awards for the 2015, issue of Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research BCERC Proceedings will be announced. The Best Paper Award Sponsors are: The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) for Excellence in Research on the General Topic of Entrepreneurship; The G. Dale Meyer Award for The Most Relevant Research in Social Entrepreneurship; The Journal of Small Business Management (JSBM) Award for Excellence in Research on the Topic of Public Policy, The Babson College Bertarelli Family Award for Excellence in Research on the Topic of Family Entrepreneurship. Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research BCERC Proceedings (FER) contains summaries of the presented papers, and the abridged papers of the selected top 40 papers. FER is the most comprehensive collection of empirical research papers on entrepreneurship, representing research from institutions from around the globe.

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