Nearly a decade ago, Disney released their first of many live-action remakes. Since then, these popular blockbusters have been produced at a fast pace, with four new adaptations set to be released by the end of the year. One of this year’s most anticipated remakes is undoubtedly Toy Story 4, which has been receiving largely positive reviews prior to the official release date.

One of the most powerful themes of this movie and others similar is nostalgia. Michael Solomon, Ph.D., professor of marketing at Saint Joseph’s University is available to offer expert insight on the marketing power of nostalgia and why it works so well. Popular characters and stories from days gone by are often revisited in hopes consumers’ fond memories will motivate them to revisit the past – and the box office. It’s been reported that since 2010, the live-action adaptations released by Disney have grossed over $5 billion combined worldwide.

Solomon says:

  • “It has been more than 20 years since the original Toy Story hit theaters. This most likely brings back fond memories of the individuals accompanying children or grandchildren to see the movie.”
  • “Nostalgia forces society to think back to a time they might view as the ‘good old days’ or to an era when things seemed simpler.”
  • “The movie brings back an appreciation for classic, tangible toys like Mr. Potato Head and Slinkys in the height of the digitally driven era. It is no accident the toys are on sale again as the movie is released. Individuals will feel obligated to show a younger generation what they used to cherish in their childhood in comparison to games on a screen.”

Solomon points to research showing that consumers are willing to pay more when asked to think about the past before being presented with the product. Based on the list of upcoming Disney live-action remakes, it looks like the industry will continue to cash in on these strolls down memory lane.

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