Newswise — Dan Graff, director, Higgins Labor Program; Faculty Joint Appointment, History

“Baristas at over 200 Starbucks outlets have exercised their right under the law and voted for union representation in order to bargain collectively for better pay, scheduling and working conditions. So why are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of them engaging in a one-day strike? 

Because Starbucks — like many employers today in the USA — is dragging its feet in order to avoid negotiating a contract, hoping that delay will ultimately prevent unionization from taking hold. 

“With public approval of workers and unions at a 60-year high, it will be interesting to see how Starbucks management as well as customers react to the walkout. Clearly, the coffee giant's workers believe the only way to pressure their employer to negotiate in good faith is by walking out on the coffee giant's annual Red Cup Day. And that's a red flag reminder of the urgent need for labor law reform in this country — so that workers who gain union certification under the law also get recognized by their employer with genuine negotiations that produce a first contract.”