University of Notre Dame Professor of Islamic Studies Ebrahim Moosa co-directs Contending Modernities, the global research and education initiative examining the interaction among Catholic, Muslim, and other religious and secular forces in the world. Notre Dame has an on-campus studio, so we can easily arrange radio and TV interviews

"The death of Mr. Morsi, the democratically elected leader of Egypt in June 2012, in court stains Egypt’s modern political history. Deposed in a military coup fomented by anti-democratic regimes in the region and the military, Mr. Morsi was held under brutal conditions for the past six years. He was denied medical treatment and visits by his family in what international observers and human rights groups explained to be clear violations of human and prisoners rights. His death could trigger political action on the part of his followers despite a brutal crackdown on all political opposition for the past six years under the strongman General Abdelfattah Sisi."