Newswise — December 5, 2022 (Rolling Meadows, Ill.) – The Neurosurgery Research & Education Foundation (NREF) is pleased to announce a new grant program – the NREF Early Career Neurosurgeon Fellowship. Applications will be available through the NREF website beginning December 1, 2022.

The NREF Early Career Neurosurgeon Traveling Fellowship is designed for neurosurgical residents, fellows and early-career neurosurgeons interested in a subspecialty experience away from their home neurosurgery program.

The fellowships consist of a rotation away from one’s home institution for periods of one week up to one month in duration, focused on a subspecialty experience with a Board-certified Neurosurgeon(s) or subspecialty surgeon(s) from another primary specialty. The supervising surgeon(s) will provide supervision to awardees and structured feedback to the awardee’s home program. The fellowship will include hands-on clinical exposure to the subspecialty in the operating room and clinic environment.

The fellowship has received enthusiastic support from the corporate community for providing support that will establish the program. “Neurosurgery has benefited greatly from technological advances. The NREF is grateful to Medtronic – our industry partner in launching this program – for their commitment to the NREF mission to ensure that tomorrow’s neurosurgical leaders continue to receive cutting-edge experience to expand their knowledge and improve patient care,” sates NREF Fellowship Committee chair, Charles L. Branch, Jr., MD, FAANS.

“The application of technology to medicine has yielded tremendous advances in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, and Medtronic is delighted to partner with the NREF to introduce innovative technology into neurosurgical training for early career neurosurgeons,” says Ashley M. Owens, sr. director, Global Physician Relations, Medtronic Cranial & Spinal Technologies.

To qualify, applicants must be neurosurgical residents (PGY-4 and above) or fellows in ACGME-accredited neurosurgery programs or neurosurgeons in their first five years of practice.

Applications will be accepted on a year-round basis with fellowships being awarded based on available funding. In addition to a CV, budget and support letters, applicants will submit a one-page statement describing the proposed fellowship experience and what they will accomplish during the away rotation, including including any relevant information regarding specific products to be used, techniques to be studied and what they hope to learn. Proposals will be screened for appropriateness as well as for feasibility of completion within the time frame and budget.

The grant award will depending on the size, scope and budget of the project.

To apply or for more information about the NREF Early Career Neurosurgeon Traveling Fellowship, please click here.

For more information about other NREF grant programs, visit the NREF online at or contact NREF at 847.378.0500 or [email protected].


About the NREF The NREF is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization created in 1980 by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) to support research and education efforts that enhance and confirm the critical role neurosurgeons play in improving lives.

The NREF is dedicated to providing education to neurosurgeons at all stages of their careers, as well as funding research into new and existing neurosurgical treatments, in order to identify links between best practices and improved outcomes in patient care. Through voluntary public donations, corporate support and donations from allied groups, the NREF supports endeavors that impact the lives of those suffering from epilepsy, stroke, brain tumors, spinal disorders, sports-related head injuries, lower back pain and Parkinson’s disease.

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