Nova Southeastern University Back to School Experts

Nova Southeastern University based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida has a range of Back to School experts. Below is a sampling of experts at Nova Southeastern University who can discuss a range of topics surrounding this hectic, yet exciting time of year. Please feel free to contact the appropriate media representative included with each subject area. Also, if you are doing a back to school story and do not see a particular topic or expert below, there is a good chance we can still help you. Just let us know.

Health (Media Contact: Jeremy Katzman – 954-262-5408, [email protected]) • Deborah Ann Mulligan, M.D., director, Institute for Child Health Policy and Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, NSU Health Professions Divisiono Immunizationso How to avoid getting sicko How to avoid back injuries from carrying heavy backpacks and books• Andrew Kusienski, D.O., assistant professor of osteopathic principles and practice, assistant professor of sports medicine, and chair of the Department of Sports Medicine, NSU College of Osteopathic Medicineo How to avoid and treat sports injuries• Marilyn Gordon, Ed.D., RD, CSSD, LDN, registered dietitian, certified specialist in sports dietetics, licensed dietitian/nutritionist, NSU Clinicso Healthy eating and how to pack healthy lunches

First-Year Reading Programs (Media Contact: Felecia Henderson – 954-262-5315, [email protected]) • Don Rosenblum, dean, NSU Farquhar College of Arts & Scienceso Importance of first-year reading programs for college freshmen

Stress and Anxiety (Media Contact: Joe Donzelli, 954-262-2159, [email protected]) • Angela Waguespack, Ph.D., professor, NSU Center for Psychological studieso How to handle/prevent back to school stress and anxiety for parents and students

Career Planning (Media Contact: Vera Mandilovitch, 954-262-5309, [email protected]) • Shari Saperstein, M.A., NSU executive director of career developmento Importance of beginning career planning during freshman year of college

High School vs. College (Media Contact: Vera Mandilovitch, 954-262-5309, [email protected])• Daniel Sullivan, Ed.D., interim associate dean, NSU College of Undergraduate Studies o Differences between what it is like to be a student in high school and college

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