NuAire offers both Direct Heat and Water Jacket CO2 Incubators assuring the highest level of performance and dependability for optimum growth conditions. An environment is provided for storage and preservation of embryos, gametes and animal tissue cell cultures at or near body temperature. Designed to provide precise CO2, temperature, and relative humidity control promoting cell culture growth. Control mechanisms are built in to prevent contamination within the growth chamber. Programmable digital solid-state infrared [IR] CO2 Sensor provides a stable, drift-free output, making necessary corrections to the chamber environment and supports faster recovery times. The 99.99% HEPA filtration system creates an ISO Class 5 air quality inside the work chamber, creating Constant Contamination Control (C3) for a dependable contamination-free environment. NuAire’s AutoFlow CO2 Water Jacketed Incubators maintain up to 98% Relative Humidity (RH) reducing desiccation inside the chamber, therefore, less media is needed and less handling of cultures is required. This reduces the chance for contamination. The Incubator jacket creates a gentle insulator surrounding the inner-chamber providing unsurpassed temperature stability. AutoFlow Water Jacket Incubators have been designed to provide a reliable controlled in-vitro environment for ideal tissue cell culture growth. The DH AutoFlow NU-5100 CO2 Incubator is the perfect workhorse incubator for research where there are multiple door openings per day. Designed to provide a sterile, constant temperature, constant CO2 level and naturally humidified atmosphere for optimum growth of tissue cell cultures and other organisms requiring this precise environment. The growth environment is applied equally to all microorganisms within the chamber. With a 4.4 cubic feet [130 liter] chamber capacity and an overall height of 31 inches, this compact incubator fits under most standard lab benches, saving lab space. NuAire’s In-VitroCell ES Microbiological CO2 Incubators feature seven (7) direct heat models with varying Humidity and Oxygen controls. Designed with the NuTouch Intelligent Interface, a user-friendly color touch screen offered in English, Spanish, German, and French. Models are offered with two heated sterilization cycles that can be selected to eradicate contaminating agents at 95°C humidified decontamination or 145°C dry sterilization providing the ability to leave shelves, supports, guides, and water pan in the chamber. HEPA filters do NOT have to be removed. As an optional feature, customers may add CuVerro® Antimicrobial Copper Surfaces to the incubator growth chamber and/or shelving. The chamber is maintained at positive pressure to prevent contaminated room air from entering the chamber. The chamber air is continuously HEPA filtered and sampled to maintain a clean and uniform chamber lowering airflow to a single air change every 20 minutes to minimize cell desiccation. NuAire – We help your research grow.