Newswise — CALGARY, ABJune 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Orpyx® Medical Technologies Inc. (Orpyx), a digital health company focused on extending the health span of patients with diabetes, announced the launch of the Orpyx SI® Flex Sensory Insole system and Orpyx Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) services. This remote monitoring program drives engagement and extends mobility for people living with diabetes by transforming patient care through real-world patient data, analytics, and coaching. 

"The launch of Orpyx SI Flex is our next step in enabling Diabetes Healthspan Extension™," stated Dr. Breanne Everett, CEO and co-founder of Orpyx. "In North America, one-third of people are living with diabetes or pre-diabetes which often requires juggling an overwhelming number of actions, measurements, and appointments. By taking a holistic approach through a digital care platform we can dramatically improve upon the current standard of care. We are starting with foot care through robust data generation via our sensory insoles, and supporting patient engagement through RPM and coaching."

The Orpyx SI Flex Sensory Insole system is a wearable technology designed to help prevent plantar foot complications for at-risk patients with peripheral neuropathy. "It is like having a supercomputer on the bottom of each foot," said Denis Brisson, Chief Operating Officer at Orpyx. "Plantar pressure is a leading cause of foot ulceration so by measuring sustained high pressure we can help eliminate the root cause of many of these wounds before they happen." 

Along with pressure, the system captures wear time to determine how compliant the patient is to their provider's treatment plan, step count to help dose activity levels, and temperature the last line of defense to indicate when inflammation is present and tissue damage is occurring. The ultra-thin, prefabricated sensory insoles fit in most every-day footwear, making them practical and comfortable for a broad range of patients.

Orpyx is changing the conversation by initially focusing on preventing foot ulceration by generating the most robust set of real-world plantar data. Historically, the focus has been on how to treat patients' foot ulcers after they have already formed, with disappointing results as 25% of people with diabetes will develop an ulcer during their lifetime. These ulcers have a detrimental impact on patients' mobility often resulting in life-shortening events such as amputation which can cause a ripple effect of social isolation, mental health challenges, and in the most complex situations death. Most diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) are preventable, so we are on a mission to help patients and providers achieve improved, sustainable outcomes.

"Healthcare systems cannot sustain the current clinical strain of managing the 34 million people with diabetes in the US and the resulting $176B in financial costs. One third of this cost is attributed to lower limb care which is why this is such important work," continued Dan Hughes, Orpyx's Chief Commercial Officer. "Orpyx SI Flex Sensory Insoles and our new RPM services were specifically developed to meet these challenges head-on. Our insoles will play a significant role in the diabetic care pathway enabling patients to take proactive steps to manage their diabetes while reducing the total cost of care for Commercial Payers and Integrated Delivery Networks across the United States. Ultimately, this technology drives alignment and better outcomes for patients, providers, payers, and physicians."

Healthcare providers seeking additional information to help their patients prevent DFUs can learn more about the new Orpyx SI Flex Sensory Insoles at

About Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc.

Founded in 2010, Orpyx® Medical Technologies Inc. ("Orpyx") is a Calgary-based digital health company. We take a holistic approach to remote "anywhere" care, which includes the company's proprietary, imperceptible sensory insole platform that detects pressure, temperature, gait, activity, and movement symmetry. Our comprehensive Orpyx SI® Sensory Insole system enables continuity of care between visits to provide optimal remote care for people living with diabetes or recovering from surgery. The patient's data is uploaded to the Orpyx SI cloud-based dashboard, where accredited healthcare practitioners remotely monitor it. The remote monitoring team communicates directly with the patient between care visits to ensure ongoing continuity and quality of care. 

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