Newswise — The AMSSM Collaborative Research Network has partnered with the International Institute for Race Medicine (IIRM) to conduct a cross-sectional study of medical incidents at running road races in the United States.

The goals of the study are to better describe the number and type of race day medical incidents at race events and evaluate the effect of weather and other race-related factors on the occurrence of medical incidents. The results of this study will help race organizers to determine the appropriate medical needs in anticipation of race day so as to be able to keep participants safe.

“Every year in the United States there are 18 million road race registrants according to Running USA. There are many prior studies that report the medical incidents for single races but none that include a large number of races that differ in size, competitiveness, and climate,” said Brett Toresdahl, MD, the Co-PI of the study. “We hope that the results will help race medical directors in preparing for races, big or small, so that runners can get the care they need in the event of a medical incident or emergency.”

There are two primary ways to contribute to this study.

First, if you or one of your colleagues is a medical director/coordinator for a road race in the United States with a distance of 10K to 26.2 miles, please complete this short form so that we can collect contact information:

Second, if you are a medical director/coordinator and the race recently took place, we encourage you to complete the full post-race survey about the race details and medical incidents:

Participation in this study is voluntary, and the results will be reported in aggregate so that no identifying information or specific race details will be shared.

“The AMSSM and the IIRM share the same commitment to maximizing athlete safety and expanding the body of knowledge about best practices in the medical management of endurance athletes,” said Chris Troyanos, ATC, the Executive Director of IIRM. “Endurance events of all sizes and distances are asking, ‘What type of medical care is needed at my event?’ This work will give all a road map to follow. We are delighted to join forces with another world leader in sports medicine in this endeavor.”

Please reach out to Brett Toresdahl, MD and/or Stephanie Kliethermes, PhD with any questions.

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