Newswise — (Hunt Valley, MD) Milner-Fenwick, Inc. Milner-Fenwick, a multi-media publisher that specializes in video- and web-based solutions for the healthcare community, has released a whitepaper on driving ACO goals and population health objectives through the use of effective patient education tools.

As the leading provider of health education videos, Milner-Fenwick weighs in on population health goals in Patient Focused Health Education: A Key Driver In Accountable Care; the 12 page whitepaper recently released. Models of patient engagement and helping patients recover safely at home are explored as they relate to ACOs. The report looks at trends and obstacles within the Affordable Care Act that are being impacted by patient education:• the growing use of population management for ACOs • strategies to improve behavioral health• overcoming the challenges of health literacy • higher patient satisfaction leading to better outcomes

ACO's are expected to save upwards of 1% of Medicare spending during the first 4 years (an estimated 940 million dollars) with the goal of expanding the program through the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Organizations are pressing for successful implementation of the models. The paper explores how patient education is a component in driving ACO goals across multiple fronts.

“Of the 33 measures under Medicare shared savings program (MSSP) 27/33 measures would benefit from educational components of the care plan” Dr. Steven Merahn, Director for the Center of Population Health, Clinovations

The National Transitions of Care Coalition has cited patient education as a required component of post hospital health management and disease prevention framework. Today’s technologies and digital delivery options allow health providers to target reductions in re-admissions, and emergency department visits, while improving patient compliance and patient safety within the hospital. In addition to re-admissions reduction one of the market drivers examined in the white paper is patient satisfaction.

Patient Focused Health Education: A Key Driver In Accountable Care gives an overview of patient education tools, defining high quality patient education and how it supports and aligns with U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services goals, and what this can mean for patients and health providers. Quality patient education delivered at the point-of-need has a lasting health impact.

The whitepaper examines national quality strategy goals and how they are converging to place a national priority on effective patient education. The paper outlines criteria for evaluating patient education such as the foundation on adult learning principles, medical best practices and healthcare national guidelines. Components of quality video health education as it relates to patient empowerment and better outcomes is defined, along with what factors to consider, and how best to impact the patients self-management process.

The whitepaper was created in conjunction with a webinar series on the same topic co-produced with industry experts. The first webinar, "The Role of Patient Education in Accountable Care and Population Health" was done in partnership with Clinovations, Center for Population Health.

Patient education can be provided whenever and wherever it is needed by combining effective education programs with today’s technology providers. Technology platforms increasingly are allowing hospitals to integrate, track and report within electronic medical records for a deeper analysis and quantifiable ROI. Download the whitepaper and join in on the discussion.

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