Dr. Platzker has been active in following the cigarette industry for the past 40 years and testified for the State of Mississippi in their successful $8 billion dollar lawsuit against the tobacco industry. In the past 4 years, he has continued to follow this industry through the medical journals and the newspapers. The FDA added regulation of e-cigarettes to tobacco-containing cigarettes due to the concern for the potential for adverse effects. especially in children and people with lung disorders. Below in brief is the rationale and the recent FDA actions.

FDA has become the regulator of e-cigarettes due to their potential for causing or leading to: 

  1. lung disease (Popcorn lung – diacetyl potential from vaping);
  2. worsening or precipitating respiratory illness in those with pre-existing lung disorders;
  3. nicotine addiction as teens are attracted to the flavored variety e-cigarettes (particularly Juul, have become a popular among high school and middle school students).
  4. addiction when used instead to inhale illicit drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin; 
  5. fires from igniting of the lithium battery with the potential of facial or airway burns.  

Therefore, the Food and Drug Administration has just ordered five e-cigarette brands (Juul, Vuse, MarkTen, blu e-cigs, and Logic) within 60 days to submit plans to address how they will prevent teen use of their products. The FDA now believes that e-cigarette use among adolescents has become an epidemic and is considering urgent implementation of regulation of the manufacturers or suspension of e-cigarette sales.