Thomas Pepinsky is an associate professor of government, an expert on Southeast Asia politics and emerging market economies in that region, and president of the American Institute for Indonesian Studies. He warns that the court dismissal of Thailand’s prime minister will add fuel to a long-running political crisis.

Pepinsky says:

“The dismissal of Yingluck Shinawatra from the office of Prime Minister is just the latest edition in a nearly decade-long political crisis that has gripped Thailand.

“While this decision is far from unexpected, it further undermines Thailand's fragile electoral democracy, and sets the stage for another round of protests and counter protests between the conservative establishment that opposes Ms. Shinawatra and her populist allies.

“With the legitimacy of elections in question, and the ever-present worry of another military coup, the crisis looks set to continue indefinitely.”

Note: Previous comments on Thai politics by Professor Pepinsky can be found here.

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