Newswise — Julia Louis-Dreyfus has announced she has breast cancer, and in doing so, called for universal health care so that all women have equal chances at recovery.

Regardless of the political discussion around health insurance, no woman should die of undetected breast cancer in the opinion of the See, Test & Treat program—a leading breast and cervical cancer program. See,Test & Treat knows firsthand the risk that uninsured women face. Statistics show that only 35.3 percent of uninsured women have received mammograms in the last 2 years, compared to 76.7 percent of women who have private insurance.

“Early detection is so critical, but we see first-hand how important just getting a screening is, and the great things that do happen when you receive an early detection,” said Dr. Karim Sirgi, president of the board of the College of American Pathologists (CAP) Foundation, whose flagship program See, Test & Treat provides services for low-income women. “See, Test & Treat sees hundreds of women who encounter so many barriers to health care–from lack of insurance to travel to expenses to language barriers and citizenship issues.  But a beautiful thing happens when you provide care and dignity to these women, there is a ripple effect of better health in their families and communities overall.”

Please reach out to me at (219) 213-0402 or [email protected] to speak to Dr. Sirgi or another expert from See, Test & Treat.