Newswise — PixCell is a cell based  diagnostic company that has developed the HemoScreen: the first true Point of Care (POC) Hematology analyzer that uses a self-contained disposable cartridge, preventing the need for any maintenance or calibrations. The HemoScreen is a portable and user-friendly test device that provides lab accurate results for the standard 20 Complete Blood Count (CBC) parameters, including a 5-part differential.  

Complete Blood Count (CBC) is the most commonly ordered diagnostic test worldwide with an annual average of 2.3 tests per person in Western countries. In the US alone, 800M tests are performed each year. About 25% of these tests are performed or ordered at the point of care (POC), representing a global addressable market of ~$1.4B US. Having a true POC analyzer available on the market is expected to increase the number of tests performed dramatically.

PixCell's novel technology utilizes machine learning algorithms and is based on a newly discovered physical phenomena known as Visco Elastic Focusing (VEF). This patented focusing method can be used to introduce cell-based diagnostic tests to the POC market, including CD4, CD34, CRP, HbA1C, and PLT aggregation.  

Here at PixCell, we believe that the device's clinical performance, user safety, and user-friendliness are critical to delivering true value to the patient and the physician.

We believe that our products will improve the healthcare workflow and patient satisfaction by enabling early detection, prevention, and better patient management.

PixCell is seeking to ramp up our production capabilities and prepare the HemoScreen for its market launch.  We are searching for potential partners who share our vision of making high quality diagnostics available at the Point of Care. 

The HemoScreen is CE marked and is under review for FDA clearance. PixCell is also iso 13485 certified and has completed extensive clinical trials with leading laboratories in the US and in Israel. The HemoScreen is not yet cleared in the US. To learn more about PixCell, visit our website: