Black History Month celebrates the brave men and women who have fought against discrimination throughout the years. It is a time for all to reflect on present race relations and examine the trials of history’s past. With recent unfortunate events raising questions about the country’s progress, it may be more important than ever to promote justice and equal rights for all.

In the wake of today’s civil rights protests and recent news causing rumors about a post-racial society, the University of Southern California School of Social Work experts are available to address and define social justice at a time when we need it most:

Gabriel Crenshaw is an adjunct professor at the USC School of Social Work's [email protected] and a doctor of clinical psychology with emphasis areas in neuro-psychological development and multicultural community. He is passionate about the civil rights movement – both historically and its relation to today’s current events and can also discuss the psychological effects of race relations. Dr. Gabe’s expertise in race relations is currently seen in the Oprah Winfrey presentation of director/actor Bill Duke’s film, “Light Girls” on the OWN channel.

Statement: “Mending race relations alters the structure and neuronal pathways in our brains, for the good! As a result, we will all experience true freedom and come to realize what has always been--There is only one race, the Human Race!”

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