Newswise — The design includes a ceramic cylinder assembly encapsulated by a NEW molded PVDF housing.  Various port options incorporated into the molded design include 3mm or 5mm barbs, 1/4-28 UNF and 1/4" OD push to connect.  With its minimal dead volume, it’s a perfect pump choice for precision dosing applications.  

The Precision Series is also offered in a Double Ended piston pump configuration.  This design is perfect for accurately dispensing two ratios of fluid streams in mixing applications.


“We are excited to showcase our Precision Series piston pumps in our booth’s new working display at this year’s AACC exhibition where you can witness live pump performance in various clinical lab instrument applications.  The buzz from this launch has already sparked a lot of interest and inquires so we anticipate a very successful show”, says USA Sales Director, Audrey Roberts.  “Diener Precision Pumps is dedicated to Engineering Your Flow and continually pushes to the next level of filling customer needs.”


Doug Robinson, Engineering Manager of Diener Precision Pumps says, “Reducing the dead volume enhances priming at low dispense volumes and lowers the time it takes to remove air trapped in the system.  The rigidity of the assembly ensures that the calibration value remains constant, reducing time-consuming recalibrations.  Four inlet/outlet port options give customers a great deal of flexibility, simplifying installation and lowering costs.”


About Diener Precision Pumps

Diener Precision Pumps has been producing precision piston pumps and gear pumps since 1994.  The company prides itself on its Global Engineering of Excellence Center based in Lodi, CA and its precision manufacturing facility in Embrach, Switzerland.  A perfect marriage of renowned Northern California innovative engineering with Swiss quality produced products. 

Pumps are custom tailored to individual OEM application requirements to provide customers with optimal fluidic system performance.  To learn more about Diener Precision Pumps products, visit their website at