"“Kim Jong-Un Is Not Suicidal"

Tom Dolan, chairman of Columbus State University’s Political Science Department and a former Navy intelligence officer stationed in South Korea, is available to add context to your reporting on North Korea’s threatened strike against the Unites States.

Dolan visited both South Korea and North Korea last summer to conduct 250 face-to-face interviews on the potential reunification of the countries. He says the rhetoric coming out of Pyongyang is just that: rhetoric. He’s been there, seen them do that before.

“These things take place every time there is a joint exercise between South Korea and the United States,” Dolan said. “It isn’t new. They’ve been doing this for decades.

“Kim Jong-un is not suicidal. He knows that any major overt actions would be suicidal. And if it didn’t lead to the destruction of his country, it would set it back 50 years. He doesn’t want to go there.”

Dolan can be reached at w: 706.507.8727 c: 706.332.2186 h: 706.321.9595.

Story about his visit to Korea last year can be found at: http://news.columbusstate.edu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1469:columbus-state-political-scientist-surveys-koreans-on-unification&catid=32:political-science-and-mpa-program&Itemid=101

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