The SOUNDPRINT Media Center is proud to receive the 2003 Gracie Allen Award for the radio documentary, Violet Flame, by producer Brenda Hutchinson. The Gracie award is for the category of Public Radio Documentary.

The Foundation of American Women in Radio and Television has recognized radio and television programming that portrays women's roles, issues and concerns. The Gracie Allen Award celebrates electronic media for and about women.

Violet Flame is a personal exploration of family and faith. Several years ago Producer Brenda Hutchinson's sister joined the Church Universal and Triumphant in Corwin Springs, Montana. Since then she has sought to understand her sister's choice and her life in the church community. She traveled to Montana to find the answers to her questions. The short visit lasted the entire winter and she recorded her sister, nephews, their neighbors and other members, including the spiritual leader of the Church, Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Violet Flame weaves a stirring journey of discovery with the sounds of the cold mountain winds and rhythmic chanting.

Violet Flame is San Francisco based producer and composer, Brenda Hutchinson's second SOUNDPRINT. Her first was the widely acclaimed, How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Both documentaries can be heard online at

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