The University of Delaware's Disaster Research Center has several sources who can contribute to articles about the earthquakes in Puerto Rico and offer valuable information for both during and after the disaster.

Jennifer Horney, a professor of epidemiology, can talk about the impacts on the health system (not recovered from Hurricane Maria) and concerns about direct and indirect morbidity and mortality from the earthquake and health effects of earthquakes. She also recently published several papers that showed multiple exposures to disasters leads to more severe mental health effects.

Sarah DeYoung, an assistant professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice, says the main concern is utilities. After Hurricane Maria some areas went months without access to clean water (and never regained access) – a huge concern in infant feeding in emergencies. 

Jennifer Trivedi, an assistant professor of anthropology, can speak to how multiple disasters can have compounding effects – people will have to deal with long-term recovery from Maria while dealing with relief and short-term recovery from these earthquakes, making things generally more complex for people on the ground.

Tricia Wachtendorf, director of the Disaster Research Center, can discuss evacuation decision-making, disaster response and coordination, disaster relief (donations) and logistics, volunteer and emergent efforts and social vulnerability.