No need to print antibody arrays! Oligo-Link-it! Build your own custom multiplex immunoassays by oligonucleotide tethering. QuantiScientifics (Irvine, CA) introduces the A2® Multiplex IA Slide that permits the user to prepare custom multiplex slide immunoassays of their choice. The new glass slide product comprises 8 sub-arrays, each with 14 unique capture oligos. A slide kit of activated complementary oligos is available to prepare from 1-14 oligo-antibody conjugates. A simple hybridization process results in the self-assembly of the oligo-antibody conjugates to corresponding capture oligos creating the antibody array for quantitative multiplex ELISA. The new slide product can be analyzed using a variety of microarray slide scanners or imaging readers. The company also offers contract services for the development of multiplex assays and custom microarrays. Visit QuantiScientifics at the AACC Lab Expo, Booth #3553.