‘Quirky’ Video Highlights Changing Politics of China’s 5-Year Plan

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CORNELL UNIVERSITY MEDIA RELATIONS OFFICEOct. 29, 2015 ‘Quirky’ video highlights changing politics of China’s 5-year plan

This week, the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee will approve the country’s 13th five-year plan, a blueprint document that spells out China’s economic goals and aspiration through 2020. To promote the plan, Chinese state media issued a 3-minute video that highlights, with a song and cartoons, the bottom-up nature of the plan. Jeremy Lee Wallace, an associate professor at Cornell University’s government department, says the video illustrates a new approach the party is using to justify its rule.

Bio: http://government.arts.cornell.edu/faculty/wallace/

See the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m91zBt94Ll0

Wallace says: “American attention to the meetings has been dominated by a quirky English language propaganda video that in some ways demonstrates the changing politics of China’s new normal.

“The party is moving away from numerical growth targets as adequate measures of performance towards pointing to its own policy process as detailed and likely to produce the ‘right’ policies.

“The video's lyrics emphasize the plan’s participatory and expert-driven process. In an era when growth is likely slowing, the party is increasingly justifying its rule in terms of process rather than outcomes.”

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