Rare diseases: More common than you think 

Newswise — In Canada, 1 in 25 children is born with a rare disease. One-third of those children will not reach their 5th birthday.

Collectively, rare diseases are a major contributor to childhood mortality and disease in Canada, accounting for approximately 40% of pediatric health care costs. There are about 7,000 rare diseases, all with one thing in common: a mutation in a single gene. Sadly, 95% still have no effective treatment--a challenge that Canadian researchers are working hard to tackle.

World Rare Disease Day is February 29, and two CIHR representatives are available to answer your questions:

  • Dr. Christopher McMaster, Scientific Director of CIHR’s Institute of Genetics, is available to talk about the Institute’s work in the field of rare-disease research.
  • Dr. Étienne Richer, Associate Director, CIHR Institute of Genetics, is available to speak about rare-disease research and the importance of improving treatments for Canadians living with these illnesses.

To book an interview, please contact:

David Coulombe

Media Relations

Canadian Institutes of Health Research


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