Ross Brann, professor of Judeo-Islamic Studies and chair of the Near Eastern Studies Department at Cornell University, says the only immediate loser from reconciliation agreement between Fatah and Hamas is Secretary Kerry and the Obama Administration.

Brann says:

“Ever since Hamas’ victory in the 2006 Palestinian Authority legislative elections, Palestinian politics, society, and the limited governance it is permitted have been completely divided. Hamas has held sway over Gaza, Fatah and the Palestinian Authority over parts of the West Bank. Previous efforts at reconciliation, including actual agreements between these parties, have failed. “What can be said with assurance is that the rapprochement has bought both Palestinian parties some time. For its part Israel’s present government is pleased that for the time being it will not be pressured into talking about borders or withdrawals and thus risking new elections. The only immediate loser from these developments appears to be Secretary Kerry and the Obama Administration.”

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