Newswise — Registration is now open for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s (LLNL’s) summer science education programs. Programming for the summer of 2023 includes hands-on experiences for students that relate to several research themes at LLNL. In addition, the Teacher Research Academy will equip educators with new resources to apply in their own classroom. 

STEM with Smartphones | June 12–16, onsite (LLNL Discovery Center)

This free, week-long workshop will draw on high school students’ critical thinking and decision-making skills as they discover and learn to use the sensing and computing capabilities that power our everyday devices. Smartphones are incredibly complex and powerful tools which provide an exciting, hands-on method to see fundamental physics and engineering principles in action. Topics include using smartphones’ gravity- and motion-sensing to monitor cardiac function, learning how acoustic analysis enables voice recognition and exploring the role of magnetism in data storage, among others. The application deadline is April 15, 2023.

SAGE | July 9–15, onsite (LLNL Discovery Center)

Science Accelerating Girls’ Engagement (SAGE) presents a free, one-week summer camp for Northern California public high school students (age 14–17) of all backgrounds. SAGE aims to build community and foster innovation among girls interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects. Students will take part in multiple short projects related to research at Livermore as well as attend career talks, learn leadership skills and shadow LLNL professionals. The application deadline is March 15, 2023, and recommendations are due by March 22.

Biotech Summer Experience | July 17–28, onsite (LLNL Discovery Center)

This free, two-week program gives high school students hands-on experience working with molecular biology and bioinformatics research. Students will practice laboratory techniques including PCR, restriction digests, and gel electrophoresis to isolate and study the DNA of Landoltia punctata (duckweed); the acquired sequences will be registered with Genbank, an international DNA repository. The application deadline is May 26, 2023.

Teacher Research Academy (LLNL Discovery Center)

Middle school, high school and community college faculty are invited to a unique professional development experience hosted by LLNL’s Teacher Research Academy (TRA). Three different five-day workshops will be offered: 


Fusion and Astrophysics | June 12–16, onsite

Learn how the properties of light are used to research stellar astrophysics and nuclear fusion, including recent advancements at the National Ignition Facility. The workshop will cover principles of stellar evolution, special relativity and gravitation. Each day will also feature a tour or talk by Livermore faculty. 

Modeling for Science and Math | June 19–23, onsite

Explore the world of computer modeling and simulation from concept to real-world application. Participants will use open-source software to create their own models that can enrich science and math curricula at their home institutions.

Physics with Phone Sensors | June 26–30, virtual

Participants will examine core principles of physics and engineering by utilizing the powerful sensing and computing abilities of smartphones. Hands-on projects will reinforce fundamental ideas in these disciplines as well as provide educators with inspiration for planning their own engaging classroom activities.


The application for all three workshops is now active. 

More information on LLNL educational outreach can be found at the Science Education Program website.