Multiple Myeloma (MM), characterized by high intratumour heterogeneity, accounts for ~10% of all haematologic malignancies. Stratified by the Revised International Staging System (R-ISS), little is known about R-ISS-related plasma cell (PC) heterogeneity, gene expression modules in cytotoxic T/NK cells and immunoregulatory ligands and receptors. Herein, we constructed a single-cell transcriptome atlas of bone marrow in normal and R-ISS-staged MM patients. Focusing on PCs, we identified and validated a subset of GZMA+ cytotoxic PCs. In addition, a malignant PC population with high proliferation capability (proliferating PCs) was associated with unfavourable prognosis and EBV infection in our collected samples. Ribonucleotide Reductase Regulatory Subunit M2 (RRM2), a specific marker of proliferating PCs, was shown to induce MM cell line proliferation and serve as a detrimental marker in MM. Subsequently, three R-ISS-dependent gene modules in cytotoxic CD8+ T and NKT cells were identified and functionally analysed. Finally, cell-cell communication between neutrophils and proliferating PCs with cytotoxic CD8+ T and NKT cells was investigated, which identified intercellular ligand receptors and potential immunotargets such as SIRPA-CD47 and TIGIT-NECTIN3. Collectively, this study provides an R-ISS-related single-cell MM atlas and reveals the clinical significance of two PC clusters, as well as potential immunotargets in MM progression.

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